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Black Mesh Fingerless Gloves

$24.67 $14.67
Black Mesh Fingerless Leather Gloves with Velcro Tab The Fingerless gloves feature a soft padded palm for not only comfort but also durability. The black mesh not only looks cool but allow your hands to breath while still offering protection. The Velcro strap lets you adjust your gloves for a perfect fit. Combine these attributes with the soft, smooth look and feel of it's genuine leather construction and you have solid leather gloves that are stylish, comfortable and most of all...AFFORDABLE! This is a great resale product with high margins and also makes a great gift for someone you know or for yourself! Available Sizes - Small - Medium - Large - XLarge - 2XLarge Suggested Retail Price: $22.95 0.30 pound each, Item CKB3003

Leather Half Gloves

$23.74 $13.74
Leather Half Gloves - Fingerless Our Genuine Leather Half Gloves are perfect for motorcycle riders and are made of 100% genuine leather. Gloves feature padded palm for comfort and durability. There is a hook and loop fastener on wrist to make toting your leather gloves easy. Our fingerless half gloves show the biker in anyone and our gloves are made with only the highest quality leathers Our 5 finger fingerless motorcycle gloves are perfect for any weather and any one wanting to add style and fashion to their hands. Gloves offer optimal protection and maximum flexibility of your hands. Available Half Glove Sizes: - XS - S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL Suggested retail price: $18.95 .30 pounds each, Item CKB3000

Leather Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves

$42.03 $32.03
Black Leather Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves These gloves are great for any avid motorcycle rider, the gloves are made from ultra-soft 100% genuine solid leather and are thick enough for protection from road debris and for warmth yet thin enough to allow for great mobility. The gloves come with a Velcro strap to better adjust the gloves for a perfect fit every time! These are not those cheap, thin leather imitation gauntlet gloves; these are authentic motorcycle gauntlet gloves made from the highest quality leather sold at a fraction of the retail price! Available Sizes: - Small - Medium - Large - XLarge - 2XLarge Suggested Retail Price: $89.95 1.25 pounds each, Item HH-139