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3.5mm Stereo Male Connector with Plastic Hood, Solder Type

$20.15 $10.15
Create your own custom cable lengths with this 3.5 solder type connection. Features a crimp connection for extra durability and security.

40 Pin Break Away, Double Row (2×20)

$20.43 $10.43
These pins are ideal for building your own serial cables. This unit comes with 40 pins and sits in a double row with 20 pins per row.

D-Sub Pin Insertion and Extraction Tool

$21.42 $11.42
Use this tool to insert or extract D-Sub pins with ease. The tool is easy to use, and comes coded; with the red side for insertion and the white side for extraction.

DB25 (Serial, Parallel) Metal Hood with Thumb Screws

$22.00 $12.00
This DB25 serial (or parallel) metal hood will help protect your connector from every day wear and tear as well as environmental stressors that could cause your connection to be compromised. Quality hardware is included. The thumb screws add an extra connective security and will give you peace of mind that your connections are protected. This metal hood is a silver color and weighs 0.16 lbs. Purchase this DB25 metal hood with confidence - this product comes with a lifetime warranty and live online support.

DB9 / HD15 (Serial / VGA) Metal Hood with Thumb Screws

$22.03 $12.03
This 9-pin DB9 / HD15 Serial/VGA metal hood comes with thumb screws and is compatible with DB connectors.

DB9 / HD15 (Serial / VGA) Snap on Plastic Hood

$20.33 $10.33
Add this DB9/HD15 (serial/VGA) snap-on plastic hood to ensure extra protection to your VGA port when building your custom VGA cable. This beige-colored plastic hood will add a sturdy layer of protection to your VGA port to help protect the ends of your cables from any damage that may occur - you can be confident that they are secure after installation. Our DB9 snap-on plastic hood includes the necessary hardware for installation and comes with a lifetime product warranty.

DB9 Female D-Sub Connector, Solder Type

$20.24 $10.24
This DB9 D-Sub female solder-type connector can be used when constructing your own cable. Will work with any male DB9 contact.

DB9 Female IDC Ribbon Right Angle Connector 3cps

$20.84 $10.84
This DB9 female IDC ribbon crimp connector device comes with a right-angle DB9 female port connector.

DB9 Female Serial Crimp Housing

$20.35 $10.35
Use our DB9 Female Crimp Housing and crimp pins (part 3300-004HD not included) to make custom pinned out DB9 Female connectors, and serial cables.

DB9 Male D-Sub Connector, Solder Type

$20.31 $10.31
Our DB9 male D-sub, solder-type connector can help you connect your DB9 cable quickly and easily, without the use of any additional tools. This DB9 male D-sub connector is designed to work with the EIA/TIA 232 serial interface standard and have been used for serial peripheral devices such as mice, joysticks and keyboards as well as other niche projects. This silver-colored connector weighs 0.01 lbs. and is 3.08 +/- 0.30 mm across. Purchase this item with confidence, knowing that it has a lifetime warranty and comes with live online support from CableWholesale.

DB9 Male Serial Crimp Housing

$20.30 $10.30
This DB9 male serial crimp housing will allow you to make your own, custom pinned-out DB9 male connectors and serial cables. This quality crimp housing can be used with our crimp pins (part 3300-001HD-not included) to customize your serial cables for specific needs. Our substantial, silver-colored crimp housing allows you the freedom to tailor your cables for various electronic projects to create reliable connections. This product measures 38.40 mm from end to end of the DB9 crimp housing and weighs 0.04 lbs. Enjoy a lifetime warranty and online support with your purchase.

DB9 Right Angle Female Connector, Solder Type

$20.66 $10.66
This female solder-type PC Mount Right-Angle D-Sub 9 Pin Connector is designed to be easily soldered to a variety of crimp connections.