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BNC Barrel Connector (Coupler), BNC Female to BNC Female

$20.24 $10.24
This barrel coupler will allow you to connect two BNC cables together. This adapter is female to female.

BNC Barrel Connector (Coupler), BNC Male to BNC Male, 50 Ohm

$20.73 $10.73
This BNC barrel coupler can be used to connect two BNC female ends. This adapter will turn your cable into double male connections.

BNC Female Crimp Connector for RG59/62, 2 Piece

$20.46 $10.46
Use this part to add a female crimp connector/end onto a RG59/62 cable. BNC connectors are used for testing equipment, video signals and more.

BNC Female to F-pin Male Adapter

$20.26 $10.26
This adapter will convert a BNC female cable jack end into a male TV-style F-pin (coax) plug back and forth.

BNC Female to SMA Male Adapter

$22.11 $12.11
This part will convert a BNC female connector to an SMA male connector. This adapter weighs Weight: 0.02 lbs.

BNC Male Crimp Connector for RG6, 3 Piece

$20.38 $10.38
Use this connection on an RG-6 cable to create a custom length BNC cable. BNC connectors are used for RF signal connections, for serial digital Interface video signals and analog signals.

BNC Male Terminator, 75 Ohm, 1%

$20.80 $10.80
This BNC terminator will absorb signals so they do not reflect back down the line and affect the original device.

BNC Panel Mount Coupler, BNC Female to BNC Female

$20.51 $10.51
This coupler will allow you to connect two BNC cables for use in a panel system. This device can be used to extend cables.

BNC Right Angle Adapter, BNC Male to BNC Female Elbow

$21.15 $11.15
This BNC female right-angle elbow adapter is designed to work with devices that need to fit into smaller spaces.

BNC T-Connector, BNC Male to Dual BNC Female

$20.69 $10.69
This BNC T-Connector will change a BNC male to a dual BNC female. The adapter has two female ends, and one male end.

Keystone Insert, White, BNC Female Coupler

$22.06 $12.06
This high-performance white keystone insert will connect a BNC female jack to a BNC female jack with ease. This coupler can be used for home theater and audio video use and will provide a secure, flush-type (recessed) connection. The connections are secure, thanks to this nickel-plated product that is built to provide years of reliable, consistent use. This coupler is designed for use with all keystone style wall plates and standard BNC cables - it measures approximately 32.5+/-0.2 mm from end to end and weighs a feather light 0.04 lbs.

RG58 Solid Core BNC Male Crimp Connector, 3 Piece Set

$20.32 $10.32
This is a 3-piece BNC male crimp connector for use with RG58 cable, which is typically terminated with a BNC connector.