4K HDMI Extender over Local Network, 120 meter, additional receiver

$98.48 $88.48
This is a an additional receiver for the 4K HDMI Extender over Local Network (Part #41V3-27100). This can be purchased to extend out the HDMI signal even further.

HDMI Coupler / Gender Changer, HDMI Female to HDMI Female

$21.92 $11.92
This adapter will allow you to couple 2 HDMI cables together for longer runs. Just plug standard HDMI cables into either end and you then have a longer cable.

HDMI Extender over Cat6 with Power, Working Distance 60 meter

$51.71 $41.71
Using this HDMI over Ethernet Cat6 Extender kit you can extend the range of your High-Speed HDMI signal from satellite set-top boxes, cable boxes, DVD players, digital video recorders (DVR), gaming consoles and more up to 60 meters. You can also extend and repeat your infrared (IR) remote control signals, so you can control your equipment from the destination room without needing to use any other equipment.

HDMI male to VGA female Adapter with Stereo Audio Support, Up to 1080P 1920 x 1080, Powered by USB Port

$29.76 $19.76
Enables HDMI devices such as video game consoles, Blu-ray players, camcorders, laptop PCs, iMACs, and Tablet PCs to connect to your VGA monitor or flat panel with audio.

HDMI Right Angle Adapter, HDMI Male to HDMI Female, 90 Degree

$20.71 $10.71
Due to space constraints, you may need an adapter to create a 90 degree turn with your HDMI cable. This adapter will allow you to bend 90 degrees without putting strain on your HDMI cable and causing signal loss or damage to the connector. This HDMI male is a different orientation than part number 30HH-50200.

HDMI Swivel Adapter, HDMI Male To HDMI Female, Rotates 360 Degrees, Tilts 180 Degrees

$22.36 $12.36
This unique adapter tilts right or left 180 degrees and swivels/roates 360 degrees to allow you the greatest flexibility when connecting and HDMI device.

HDMI to Mini HDMI Adapter, HDMI Female to Mini HDMI (Type C) Male

$20.79 $10.79
Mini HDMI is becoming more popular as a connector for camcorders and digital cameras. Since it incorporates video and audio, it is the perfect choice for high quality picture and sound.

Keystone Insert, White, HDMI Female Coupler

$22.72 $12.72
This adapter fits into our standard keystone wall plates and allows you to terminate your HDMI run at a wall plate. This helps eliminate a lot of the mess of cables in a home theater. Due to space constraints within some walls, you may need to use a 90 degree HDMI adapter in conjuction with this part. 90 degree adapter: 30HH-50200

VGA Plus 3.5mm Stereo Audio to HDMI Desktop Mini Converter Adapter

$29.46 $19.46
Our VGA to HDMI Converter/Adapter is a video converter which converts analog VGA signals with audio out to digital HDMI signals.This converter makes it easy to hook up your VGA computer or laptop to your TV or HDMI screen. This plug-and-play adapter is miniature and designed for portability. It has a low power consumption and high bandwidth capability that supports 1920x1080 @60Hz.