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IDC 40 x 3, 20 inch, Dual Device

$20.73 $10.73
IDE cables are designed to connect internal devices in your computer to the motherboard. The devices would include; CD-ROMs, Zip drives, hard drives, DVD-ROMs, CD burners, etc. IDE slots on the motherboard can only support up to 2 devices. Some IDE cables have more connectors. Those cables are for cases or situations where you need to have a longer cable or to have some variety and options to place the devices where you choose.

IDE IDC 40 Internal Ribbon Cable, 2 Connectors, 1 Device, 18 inch

$21.79 $11.79
This cable is for connecting internal IDE devices. Connect your hard drive to your motherboard with this 18 inch ribbon cable.

Ultra ATA 100/133 IDE Cable, 2 Device, IDC 40 (80 Conductor), 18 inch

$21.80 $11.80
This 18-inch Ultra ATA 100/133 internal IDE (integrated drive electronic) ribbon cable converts back and forth between an IDC 40 female port and 2 (dual) IDC 40 female ports. It has color coded black, gray and blue sockets. This ivory, 80-conductor cable has a low-resistance 30 AWG (American wire gauge) conductivity for optimum performance and reliability. This product meets or exceeds all safety requirements and is both UL and RoHS-rated. Our product comes with a lifetime warranty and online support from CableWholesale.