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IDC 40 x 3, 20 inch, Dual Device

$20.73 $10.73
IDE cables are designed to connect internal devices in your computer to the motherboard. The devices would include; CD-ROMs, Zip drives, hard drives, DVD-ROMs, CD burners, etc. IDE slots on the motherboard can only support up to 2 devices. Some IDE cables have more connectors. Those cables are for cases or situations where you need to have a longer cable or to have some variety and options to place the devices where you choose.

IDE IDC 40 Internal Ribbon Cable, 2 Connectors, 1 Device, 18 inch

$21.79 $11.79
This cable is for connecting internal IDE devices. Connect your hard drive to your motherboard with this 18 inch ribbon cable.

Serial ATA (SATA) Cable, Internal, 0.5 meter (1.5 foot)

$21.56 $11.56
Serial ATA cable is a great deal smaller and so is less intrusive in the case. Also the IDE cable is limited to 40 CM in length while the serial ATA cable does not have this restriction. Why choose serial over the current Parallel data transfer method. Well there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, having data sent in parallel requires a lot of signal being sent at the same time, this causes electrical interference and can have problem, using serial transfer means you only need a send and receive signal. The second reason is if you are sending data in parallel you have to have a lot more wires. You know that an IDE cable can be a real pain when trying to keep a system cool and running smoothly. They also get in the way of other wires running throughout the system. All of the other data transfer standards we use today are based on the serial data transfer system, USB, Ethernet and Firewire.

Ultra ATA 100/133 IDE Cable, 2 Device, IDC 40 (80 Conductor), 18 inch

$21.80 $11.80
This 18-inch Ultra ATA 100/133 internal IDE (integrated drive electronic) ribbon cable converts back and forth between an IDC 40 female port and 2 (dual) IDC 40 female ports. It has color coded black, gray and blue sockets. This ivory, 80-conductor cable has a low-resistance 30 AWG (American wire gauge) conductivity for optimum performance and reliability. This product meets or exceeds all safety requirements and is both UL and RoHS-rated. Our product comes with a lifetime warranty and online support from CableWholesale.