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Drain Cleaner with Storage Unit

Save plumber's costs by clearing drains yourself with this Drain Cleaner featuring an easy and effective wound metal tool with a small handle in a durable plastic storage unit that is approximately 6" wide. It is great for unclogging kitchen and bath drain pipes. Comes packaged on a tie card.

Mini Drain Brush

Great for sinks, this Mini Drain Brush cleans drains and removes obstructions such as hair, food scraps, sand and dirt, without the need for harsh chemicals. Brush features a 5' line that ensures it will snake as far down a drain as needed. Comes packaged in a blister pack.

Snake Drain Cleaner

Instantly clear shower, bath and sink drains with this convenient Snake Drain Cleaner featuring a flexible design made of tough plastic so it will never rust. No chemicals needed. Easy to clean, use over and over. Comes packaged in a clam shell.

Toilet Plunger with Wooden Handle

A bathroom and kitchen must-have, this Toilet Plunger features a durable design with a wooden handle and a high quality rubber head. Plunger head is smooth on the inside. Handle is approximately 16" long and rubber head is 5.25" in diameter. Comes loose.