Blue Rhinestones

These metal-backed blue rhinestones are delightfully bright and cheerful. Ideal for crafting uniforms or costumes, these rhinestones would also be at home in a number of crafting projects. Each package includes 10 rhinestones, each 10mm in size.

Blue Rhinestones with Mounts

Rhinestones are ideal for adding sparkle to jackets, pants and backpacks. There are 18 pieces per bag with matching mounts. Rhinestones are packaged in a poly bag with header card. Rhinestones are 6mm.

Green Rhinestones

These green rhinestones look like bright emeralds. They would be great for use on handmade uniforms or costumes. The pronged metal backing makes for each gluing. Can also be sewn onto a project. Each measures 10mm and there are 10 in the package.

Green Rhinestones

Use rhinestones to decorate purses, sweaters, pants pockets and more. Each bag comes with 10 dark green plastic rhinestones with settings. Set is packaged in a poly bag with header card. Rhinestones are 10mm.

Multi-Color Rhinestone Set

Great for craft and sewing projects, this assortment of 600 plastic rhinestones features colorful faceted jewels with flat silver backs in 3 diameters: 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4". Colors come in blue, turquoise, green, hot pink, purple, clear, red, orange and magenta. Comes packaged in a poly bag with a header card.

Purple Craft Rhinestones

Purple craft rhinestones add sparkle and shimmer to denim clothes, bag or purses, hats and more. Set comes with 20 purple rhinestones with settings. Rhinestones are packaged inside a poly bag with header card. Each rhinestone measures approximately 4 1/2 MM.

Red Rhinestones

These rhinestones are a bright and shiny compliment to any uniform or costume. Ideal for the home seamstress, these rhinestones are sure to add a winning element to any project. Each metal-backed rhinestone is 8mm in diameter. There are 14 rhinestones in the package.


These pretty rhinestones will make a pretty addition to any costume or uniform. Each package contains 20 pieces of 4 1/2mm rhinestones. Each can be sewn or glued onto fabric or other material.

Sapphire Rhinestones with Mounts

This size of rhinestone is ideal for crafting, sewing, for making uniforms and costumes and for adding a touch of bling anywhere else. This package includes 18 6mm rhinestones in a pretty sapphire color. They are mounted in either silver or gold-colored metal, making these easy to sew or glue onto a project.

Sew-On Blue Rhinestones

Add your own style and sparkle to jeans, bags or jackets. Simply sew rhinestones on to desired fabric. Each bag contains 12 blue rhinestones. Comes packaged in a poly bag with header card.

Sew-On Topaz Rhinestones

For uniforms or costumes, nothing beats the shine of rhinestones. These topaz-colored rhinestones have holes through the silver housing which make for easy sewing. Package includes 12 1/8" rhinestones.