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3-Tiers Sword Stand

$29.46 $19.46
3-Tiers Sword Stand - 3-Tiers - Wall Mount - Hard wood - Smooth black finish Suggested Retail Price: $46.99 2.50 pounds each, Item CM-WS-3WH

Black Nun Chuck Case With Zipper

$23.04 $13.04
Black Nun Chuck Case With Zipper This perfect black carrying case is great for storing, carrying and transportation of your nun chucks. The case is 15• long and has a red velvet liner. You should make CKB Products Wholesale your supplier of discounted nun chucks to save time and money. Suggested Retail Price: $15.99 1.00 pounds each, Item 1403-Z

Foam Training Nun Chucks

$25.42 $15.42
12" Blue Foam Dragon Training Nun Chucks These Blue foam nun chuck with a dragon design are great for beginner training or as a novelty decoration for the home. These nun chucks have a ball bearing swivel for smooth rotation that will help you train safely and comfortably at full force to learn new skills. Size is 12 inches long with a 5-1/2 inch seven link chain. Suggested Retail Price: $27.95 1.05 pounds each, Item 802-BL

Hanging Throwing Knife / Star Target Board

$29.46 $19.46
Hanging Throwing Knife / Star Target Board - 15" Diameter - Made Of 1" Thick Compressed Material - Metal hanging handle attached Suggested Retail Price: $46.95 5.00 pounds each, Item CM-4401