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All-in-One Measuring Set

Perfect for all your measuring needs, this 8-piece All-in-One Measuring Set comes with 6 measuring spoons contained inside a measuring pitcher with a lid. The lid also serves as a strainer or pourer. Measuring spoons include: 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 tablespoon, 1 tablespoon, 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup. Pitcher has measurements up to 0.5 litres, 2 cups and 16 ounces. Cups measures approximately 3 1/4" x 5 1/4". Comes in assorted colors. Comes shrink wrapped.

Attitude Mini Metal Sign Magnet

Great for decorating small spaces, this Attitude Mini Metal Sign Magnet features a distressed painted metal sign embossed with "Attitude" and a dotted border. Includes a large magnet and a wire hanger on back. Measures approximately 5" x 2". Comes packaged in a poly bag.

Cake Decorating Kit with Nozzles

Make cake decorating fast, easy and fun with this 31-piece Cake Decorating Kit with Interchangeable Nozzles. Add decorations to any dessert or appetizer in minutes. Kit comes with 6 different tips for any topping idea and 24 icing patterns. The pull-out plunger pushes filling smoothly through the cylinder. Its small cylinder size is easy for any age to create their own dessert idea. It is dishwasher safe for quick and simple cleanup. Plunger measures approximately 12 7/8" inches long when fully extended and is 5 7/8" around. Comes packaged in a hanging box. Box measures approximately 3.5" x 2.25" x 12.5".

Cake Decorating Set

Create beautiful decorations in minutes with this fun 4-piece Cake Decorating Set featuring a pastry bag and four decorating nozzle tips for making rosettes, stars, shells and other shapes. The bag is reusable; simply wash, dry and fill with a new batch of frosting. Set can also be used for filling mushrooms or deviled eggs. Comes packaged in a blister pack.

Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Set

Decorate baked goods like a professional with this 16-Piece Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Set that allows you to create dozens of effects. Separate bottles let you use several colors at a time and interchangeable bottle tips let you create stars, rosettes, lettering and more. Set includes 2 tall decorating bottles, 3 short decorating bottles, 5 decorating bottle caps, 8 decorating tips and 1 frosting spatula. All made of sturdy plastic and easy to clean. Comes packaged in an individual box. Package measures approximately 13.25" x 8.75" x 2.5".

Cupcake Decorating Set

A perfect starter kit or for add-on decorating tools, this 12-piece Cupcake Decorating Set comes with 4 different tips and 8 disposable bags. Decorative tips include two stars in different sizes, one round tip and one angled round tip. Comes package in a hanging box. Box measures approximately 4.5" x 1.25" x 8.125".

Cupcake Decorating Tool Set

Ideal for creating beautiful decorations out of fondant or almond paste, this 8-piece Cupcake Decorating Tool Set features an assortment of double-ended tools for a variety of tasks. Set includes shell/blade tool, bulb/cone tool, star/cone tool, scoop/comb tool, ossicles, leaf tools, arrows and spheres. Each tool measures approximately 5.5" to 6.25" long. Decorating ideas and directions on back of package. Comes packaged in a clam shell.

Decorative Round Sink Mat

Protect sinks from dings and scratches with this Decorative Round Sink Mat featuring a durable plastic mat with a simple floral pattern. Measures approximately 11" in diameter. Comes in assorted colors. Comes packaged with a hanging panel.

Decorative Sink Strainer

Prevent clogged drains and dress up your sink with these stylish Decorative Sink Strainers featuring durable plastic strainers in cheerful designs. Comes in assorted styles. Measures approximately 5.25" in diameter with a 2.625" diameter strainer. Fits most sinks. Comes packaged in a hanging panel.

Double Spout Measuring Cup

A kitchen essential, this Double Spout Measuring Cup features a durable plastic cup with a long handle and two spouts to make measuring and pouring easy. Measures in cups, ounces and milliliters. It can measure up to two cups, 16 ounces and 500 milliliters. Comes loose.

Drain Stoppers Set

A bathroom essential, this 2-piece Drain Stoppers Set comes with two different size stoppers that fit most drains. Made with durable rubber with a pull chain for easy removal. Large stopper fits most 1 1/2" - 2" drains and smaller stopper fits most 1" - 1 3/8" drains. Comes packaged in a blister pack.

Food Processor

$39.00 $29.00
Electric Food Processor If you need a quick preparation this is the kitchen tool for you! Our electric food processor is perfect for quickly and easily chopping or mincing. The bi-level stainless steel blade is sharp enough to cut food without beating it to death. The safety lid locks into place keeping the lid on tight while the processor is operating. This food processor is priced just right, easy to use and simple to clean! Food Processor Features: • Pulse button for instant chopping And mincing • Bi-level stainless steel blade • Safety lid locks into place • 1-• cup bowl • Simple to clean Suggested Retail Price $45.95 3.55 pounds each, Item 150-FP