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25pc Tool Set

$26.83 $16.83
25pc Tool Set with Built-in Spotlight This tool set makes a great automotive tool kit! Keep it in your car, boat or RV or in your house or garage. If you need tools, this set has them, if you need light, this set has it. Buy a tool set and get a kit that is perfect for emergencies. This tool box set includes: • Pistol-grip Ratchet Driver • 10 Screwdriver Bits with Magnetic Holder • Driver Extension • Travel/Storage Case with Powerful Spotlight • 8 Sockets (5mm • 12mm) • 4 Precision Screwdrivers • Measures 7.75" x 4.75" x 3.75" • Full Color Gift Box • Operates on 4 AA Batteries (not included) Suggested retail price: $29.95 1.35 lbs each, Item 060-0461

26pc Pink Tool Set

$28.14 $18.14
26 Piece Pink Tool Set This tool set combines function, versatility and color to give you an unique everyday use tool set. This set includes everything you need to complete your do-it-yourself jobs around the house. This set has the most commonly used tools making it perfect for home, auto or office. The pink color gives this set uniqueness, the popular tools give it function. Buy wholesale tool sets from CKB Products Wholesale; a leading importer of tools, gifts and general merchandise. Set Includes: • 5? Needle Nose Pliers • 4.5? Wire Cutters • 4.5? Tweezers • Easy-Grip Griver Handle • 3? Driver Extension • 10 Driver Bits in Popular Sizes • 4 Sockets (6, 7, 8, And10mm) • 4 Flathead Precision Screwdrivers • 2 Phillips Precision Screwdrivers • All Packed in a Handy Storage Case Suggested Retail Price $38.95 1.2 pounds each, Item 010-P2222

28 Piece Roadside Emergency Set

$29.30 $19.30
28 Piece Roadside Emergency Set Kit includes: 2 Work Gloves 1 Flashlight 1 Tire Gauge 1 Emergency Poncho 5 Piece Tire Repair Kit 6 Auto Fuses 6 Electrical Connectors 1 Help Sign 3 Cable Ties 1 Reflective Triangle 1 Zippered Storage Bag Suggested Retail Price: $45.99 5.00 pounds each, Item 010-28RES

7 Piece Detailing Kit

$28.76 $18.76
7 Piece Detailing Kit Set Includes: - 2 Micro Fibre towels - Dustpan with Brush - Sponge - Deluxe Mitt - Zippered Storage Bag Suggested Retail Price: $23.95 2.00 pounds each, Item 010-7DK

Multi Function Tool Knife

$24.91 $14.91
Bartech Pro• Multi Function Tool Knife w/ Screwdriver and Bits This handy little multi-knife and tool is the perfect addition to any tool box. It is a knife that doubles as a screwdriver and wrench. The orange finish is bright so that the multi knife-tool is not easily overlooked when needed. Included with the knife are 3 Phillips screwdriver bits, 3 Flathead screwdriver bits, 2 allen key bits and adaptor as well as a socket. All bits and socket are fitted into a molded case which easily slides down into the back pocket of the nylon sheath. Nylon sheaths features two pockets, one on the front (for the multi-function tool knife) and one on the back (for the bit kit) This liner lock multi knife, as an added bonus, has a glass breaker on the end, a stainless steel clip and thumb stud. Knife measures 4-3/4" closed and an amazing 8" when fully opened. The blade is 3-1/4". When you feel the weight and see the quality of this multi tool you will be amazed at the ultra-low wholesale pricing that was paid for it! Suggested Retail Price: $24.95 0.45 pound each, Item MULTIKNIFE1