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1.2 Liter Oil Funnel

$48.32 $38.32
Perfect for pouring motor oil, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, coolant and more, this Oil Funnel features a durable plastic funnel with a mesh filter attachment. Holds approximately 1.2L/40.5 oz. Includes a hanging hole for easy storage. Measures approximately 9.5" long, 6.25" in diameter and 0.5" wide. Comes in assorted colors. Comes loose.

12 Volt Auto Fan with Suction Cup

$42.09 $32.09
Great for cars without air conditioning or extra cooling, this 12 Volt Auto Fan features a durable, lightweight plastic fan with three curved blades, an on/off switch and a strong suction cup for attaching to windows or other smooth surfaces. Fan can be plugged into any 12-volt DC outlet. Measures approximately 5.5" in diameter. Comes packaged in a clam shell.

2-in-1 Battery Post And Terminal Brush

$56.96 $46.96
Give your battery long life by cleaning weld and rust from battery posts. Simply place cleaner over the battery post and twist. The stainless steel brushes provide strength to get the battery clean. Measures 3" tall x 1 1/4" wide. Comes packaged in a blister pack.

8 Quart Auto Oil Drain Pan

$51.12 $41.12
Easily change your own oil with this Auto Oil Drain Pan featuring a durable plastic pan with a drain scale to help track oil usage and a pouring spout to make recycling easier. Lightweight, stackable design is easy to store. Holds approximately 8 quarts. Measures approximately 14.5" in diameter x 4" deep. Comes loose.

All in One Car Travel Organizer

$44.39 $34.39
Keep all your carAnd#039;s items stored away with this All in One Car Travel Organizer featuring a durable nylon 3 section organizer with a removable insulated thermal shield to keep drinks and groceries hot or cold. Ideal for groceries, cleaning supplies or sports gear. Organizer dimensions: 23" x 12" x 14". Compartment dimensions: 9.4" x 7.5" x 12.6". Comes packaged in an individual box. Box measures approximately 15" x 1.75" x 12.75".

Anti-Slip Auto Trunk Mat

$48.56 $38.56
Prevent gear, supplies, and cargo from slipping around in your trunk with this convenient Anti-Slip Auto Trunk Mat featuring a grid pattern anti-skid surface to keep items in place. Measures approximately 47" x 36". Comes packaged in a hanging poly bag.

Auto Backrest Protector

$53.52 $43.52
Keeps your seatback clean and protected with this Auto Backrest Protector featuring durable, water-resistant nylon construction in a rugged design that resists messes, scratches and tears. Protector is easy to put on and remove with adjustable buckle straps. Measures approximately 23.6" x 15.7". Comes packaged in an individual box. Box measures approximately 8.375" x 1.125" x 9.625".

Auto Cleaning Duster Brush

$32.90 $22.90
Safe for all surfaces, this convenient Auto Cleaning Duster Brush features a comfortable foam non-slip handle with a microfiber duster head to quickly collect dust from cars, trucks, RVs and boats. Comes with a handy storage pouch. Measures approximately 24" long. Comes packaged with a hang tag.

Auto Console Organizer with Multiple Pockets

$58.40 $48.40
Ideal for front seats or trunks, this convenient Auto Console Organizer keeps everything organized and easy to find. Made of durable nylon fabric, this organizer features a variety of pockets for extra storage, an inner zippered pocket and built-in handles for easy transportation. Hook and loop fasteners keep organizer in place on most auto mats and carpets. Folds flat for storage. Measures approximately 13" x 8" x 8". Comes packaged in an individual box. Box measures approximately 14.625" x 1.875" x 9.375".

Auto Detail Cloth

$56.88 $46.88
Wash, dry and polish any surface with this Auto Detail Cloth featuring a soft, reusable cloth that will not scratch surfaces. Measures approximately 13.5" x 20". Comes packaged to a hanging panel.

Auto Registration And Insurance Case

$43.76 $33.76
Perfect for keeping important automobile information readily available, this Auto Registration and Insurance Case features a black durable plastic car document wallet with an auto and writing in gold on the cover. Measures approximately 5 1/8" x 4 5/8" and is flat until filled. A hook and loop closure holds documents safe within the 2 inner clear pockets. Comes packaged on a hanging panel.

Auto Scratch Repair Marker

$51.24 $41.24
Get professional results instantly with this Auto Scratch Repair Marker featuring a clear coat marker that easily fills and seals scratches on all colors. Marker is UV sunlight activated -it contains UV hardeners that allows it to fill, level and cure. Marker is odorless, non-toxic, permanent and water resistant. Includes 1 - 1.4 fl. oz. pen and extra chisel tip. Comes packaged in a blister pack.