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21 Inch Genuine Leather Duffle Bag

$33.78 $23.78
100% Genuine Leather (patched) 21" Duffle Bag This 21" genuine black leather duffle/tote bag is made of 100% genuine leather. The patched leather is soft and comfortable giving a worn feeling from the moment you start using your new duffle bag. This quality leather duffle bag features ergonomic zipper pulls which easily glide open, padded handles, 4 no-slip feet on the bottom and a detachable padded shoulder strap. This offer is for plain (un-printed) tote bags. If you need personalized custom printed graphics, logo or text on this duffle bag please CLICK HERE! The bag itself is roomy with plenty of storage space. The main zippered compartment is large enough for a weekend worth of clothes and personal items. There is zippered side pocket to the left with a ventilation area. On the right is a full size zippered pocket as well as a smaller full mesh zippered pocket. This leather duffle bag measures 21" Long, 10" Wide and 11" High. Suggested Retail Price: $59.95 3.00 pounds each, Item DUFFLEBAG1

2pc Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bags

$48.10 $38.10
2pc Genuine Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bags by CKB Products This 2pc genuine leather saddle bags set is perfect for long or short rides on your motorcycle and making it even better is the ultra-low wholesale pricing. Take what you need and have it available when you need it; no more over-stuffing your backpack! Look cool and stylish with genuine 100% leather saddle bags by CKB. This saddle bags set fastens together and then attaches underneath the seat. Pair of saddlebags measure 14" x 10" x 5-1/4". The universal fit allows this custom set of leather saddle bags to fit most any bike. Also included are two rain covers, one for each saddlebag. When you need more space than just a backpack or barrel bag use our low cost and durable leather saddle bags set and save time and money buying wholesale motorcycle luggage from CKB. Suggested Retail Price: $109.95 9.10 pounds each, Item MOTOSDLBG1

Faux Leather Saddle Bag

$70.00 $60.00
Faux Leather Throw Over Saddle Bag, Medium When you want a leather saddle bag with the leather price you should go with a PVC (imitation leather) saddlebag. They look and feel just like real leather, the only real difference is price! This medium throw-over saddle bag is perfect in every way; it's easy to use, convient, safe and built to last. The solid PVC construction combined with nylon stitching allows this saddle bag to last longer than your motorcycle! The quick release straps and silver tone hardware round out this perfect saddlebag. Measures 12.5" X 9" X 6" Suggested Retail Price: $159.95 6 pounds each, Item CKB3600PVC

Faux Suede Garment Bag

$35.25 $25.25
Faux Suede Embossed Garment Bag If you are in the market for a high quality garment bag without the high quality price you are in the right place! At CKB Products Wholesale we are offering this imitation (Faux) suede garment bag at only a fraction of the price of a real suede garment bag! Anyone who sees the bag will think it's suede due to it's soft feel and authentic look. The bag is made to fit most standard garments and is manufactured with high quality, durable vinyl that will last a lifetime! Garment Bag features: • Made from Soft, Suede-like Flocked Vinyl • Lightweight, Yet Incredibly Durable • Adjustable Shoulder Strap • Spacious Main Packing Compartment • Designed for a Lifetime of Use • Size - Closed - 21? Wide x 18.25? Long • Size - Open - 21? Wide x 37.75? Long Suggested Retail Price: $59.95 3.25 pounds each, Item 170-EGMT

Motorcycle Barrel Bag

$30.62 $20.62
Motorcycle Barrel Bag This barrel bag, made for motorcycles, is the most common motorcycle luggage piece sold today. The genuine leather bag measures 14-3/4" x 9-3/4" x 9-3/4" which is a standard size that fits 99.95% of all motorcycles in the United States. The roomy interior combined with the extra storage pockets makes this bag large enough to tote most anything you could need on both a long or short trips on your bike. CKB is a direct importer of motorcycle barrel bags, t-bags, windshield bags and other luggage sets for your bike. Buy wholesale with no minimum orders and no membership fees at CKB! Suggested Retail Price: $39.95 3.01 pound each, Item MOTOBB1

Wholesale Leather Backpack

$31.51 $21.51
Wholesale Leather Backpack This leather backpack, aside from the low wholesale pricing, is a steal! Use it as a school backpack, a tote bag or for toting your belongings while on your motorcycle. Our wholesale backpack is 100% genuine leather and measures 11" x 14" x 4-3/4"; big enough for most anything you need but not so big it's cumbersome. When you need a quality backpack at a discount price buy leather backpacks from CKB and save. Buy with confidence, with no minimum order and no membership fees ever! We are direct importers so there is no middle man! Suggested Retail Price: $39.95 3.01 pound each, Item MOTOLBP