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Sling Shot Water Bomb

The perfect spring and summer fun toy, this Sling Shot Water Bomb comes with a sling shot and 10 balloons to make "water bombs" that can be flung at targets. Also included is a funnel that attaches to faucets to easily fill balloons. Just fill balloons, place inside the plastic pocket on sling shot and hurl away. Sling shots come in assorted colors including orange, yellow and green. Sling shots measure approximately 7 3/4" long and deflated balloons are about 2" long. Comes packaged in a blister pack.

Water Balloons Countertop Display

$93.75 $83.75
There's no such thing as too many water balloons. No challenger wants to be caught without their balloons. This package includes a generous 100 balloons, which allows plenty for mistakes, breaks and plenty of tossing. Colors include red, yellow, green, orange, pink and blue. For ages 8 and up. Comes packaged in a hanging poly bag. Countertop display comes with 50 packages.

Water Balloons Display

$260.00 $250.00
Kids can never have too many water balloons -- they provide hours of fun. They can be fun for those who are kids at heart, too. Each of these bags contains 50 water balloons, plenty for a full water fight or a fun day at the park or in the yard. Assorted colors include green, pink, red, orange and purple.